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Managing Your Money: Pandemic Personal Finance Tips

Business shutdowns in response to the COVID-19 pandemic have upended lives throughout the United States. Millions of people are unemployed, and millions more find themselves making a fraction of the money they once did.

If you're struggling to maintain your financial health as you protect your physical health, keep these tips in mind.

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Making Space and Time for What's Important to You

We've all done it: we have an important task to do, and yet we have to do a thousand other things before we can start:

We're looking for perfect conditions before we can start to find any focus, before we can launch into that important, meaningful task that we're committed to doing.

When we're done with all of that, we decide it's time to get going with that important task...but first, there's that one other thing we realized we need to do. Every little task takes importance over this important task.

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The Sunny Side of the Street: Four Ways to Rewire Your Brain for Positivity

Here are just a few ways to help rewire your brain toward positivity.

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Want to Build a Comfortable Retirement? Here's How

Think you need a six-figure salary to retire comfortably? No way. With a smart financial plan and a healthy dose of discipline, you can achieve your goals faster. Here are some tips.

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How to Be Kind to Yourself & Still Get Stuff Done

"But if I'm too kind to myself, I won't get anything done!"

This is the fear, when people start being kind to themselves - that they'll be too soft, they won't get stuff done, they'll let themselves off the hook too easily, they'll just lie around doing nothing.

It's an understandable fear - if you have had times when you procrastinated, you probably worry about this.

Let's talk about why kindness to self is so important, how to do it, and how to still get stuff done even when you're kind to yourself.

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