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A Note From Lynn...

Dear valued colleagues, clients, and candidates, 

As the month of June is winding down this week, activity in the construction, architecture, and engineering industry is heating up. Projects and hiring are in full swing, so what better time to re-engage, onboard intelligently, and harness cutting-edge tools? 

I’ve curated some articles and blog posts that I hope will be a catalyst for growth, both personally and within your professional organizations. 

First off, let’s think about our teams - are we truly making the most of your people? Are they energized, innovative, dedicated? Employee re-engagement isn't just a buzzword - it's the critical cornerstone of your company's success. 

Next, when you hire that new team member, remember that onboarding is more than just orientation. It's the launchpad of the employee journey: will it skyrocket your team to new heights or send them crashing? Which would you prefer? 

And then there's AI, transforming our lives in unexpected ways. Using tools like ChatGPT for writing your resume - is it cheating? Or is it simply leveraging the tools at our disposal? Isn't it a bit like using a calculator to solve equations? 

As the president of the dynamic team at Nordstrom Williams, my vision is to bring together the best practices, innovative tools, and dynamic personalities that define our industry. This summer, let’s build more than structures; let's build Buffalo and future-proof our businesses. 

Stay inspired and enjoy the summer season! 

- Lynn 

Lynn Novo, President


June 2023

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Using AI To Craft A Resume: Is It Cheating?

While there's no simple answer, candidates should be informed about the potential gains and pitfalls of using AI in job applications. Here's what you need to know.

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